How to watch Netflix in UK?

The medium of internet is really fascinating. It has given birth to numerous fresh ideas for the sheer purpose of entertaining people. Netflix is one of such ideas which have revolutionized the way we look at entertainment.

Why Netflix is relevant?

We love watching movies at the theatres. There is no doubt about that. But due to our busy schedule it’s really difficult for all of us to go to movie theatres every week to watch the movies of our favorite actor. That is why we wait till those movies become available in the internet so that we can rent them from Netflix. Netflix is an on-demand entertainment website where you can stream any TV programme or movie of your choice. The innovation of Netflix has really allowed us to save time from going out of home to watch a movie or adjust our work schedules to watch our favorite TV show. But, yes, there is a big BUT. Netflix is available only to the residents of the countries of South and North America, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland and the Caribbean. The version available in the United Kingdom is a different one from the one available to the US citizens. The US version is really high class. So, how to watch the US Netflix in UK? Let’s explore.

How to Unblock US Netflix in UK

People mainly use proxy services to watch the US version of Netflix in UK. But it is really easy to block a proxy channel. Moreover the internet speed becomes very slow with a proxy service. The best way to unblock US Netflix in UK is the use of VPN. VPN translates to Virtual Private Network. When you use a VPN service it assigns a US based IP address to your computer. In that way Netflix fails to identify your actual location thus allowing you to enjoy its services without any barrier.

Hidemyass is one such VPN service which can help you watch the original US version of the Netflix. The service is quite easy to use and affordable for all cross sections of people.

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