How to Watch BBC iplayer Worldwide?

For the people who are not aware about BBC iPlayer, it’s a superb internet television service hosted in UK. This has an option to use as a radio service also. The service comes in the form of software so that people can watch the programs or listen to radio in a range of devices including PCs. The service was introduced in the year 2007. So, relatively it’s a new service but within a very short span of time it has become immensely popular. For the fact, it has become the number one accessed service in the entire United Kingdom. One can access the BBC iPlayer in android devices, phones, Blackberry and iOS too. Even various gaming consoles also support the service. All these features and compatibility advantage have helped it achieve exponential growth.

The dark side

But the most irritating thing about the service is that it not accessible outside UK! Though the service is popular still its owner BBC is restricting its broadcast outside UK for reasons known only to them. So, it has two implications. Firstly, outsiders don’t have access to the quality content hosted in the BBC iPlayer and secondly UK natives fail to access the service when they travel out of the region. Moreover every year thousands of UK natives shift out of the country. They also lose access to the service.

The Solution

The best thing about the internet is it has answers to all the problems it creates. BBC iPlayer is an online service, that means it uses the internet to air its content. The geo-blocking imposed on the service is done with the help of the medium of the internet itself. So, we can use the power of the internet again to unblock the service and make it accessible for everybody all over the world. The particular service used for this purpose is called VPN; which stands for Virtual Private Network. This service changes your IP address to a native one of UK. So, BBC iPlayer software will accept you as a UK native thus unlocking the service for you. If you have not yet used a VPN, then give it a try for a wonderful internet experience.

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