How to use VPN?

VPN stands for the term Virtual Private Network. There are several superb uses of a VPN service. This article aims to help you understand how to use a VPN service on your device. Here we will be mainly discussing about the personal level uses of VPN services.

Different Uses

Online spying has become a very common thing nowadays. If you are frequent traveler and access the internet with your smartphone, laptop and tablet then you are at high risk of falling prey to online data thieves and hackers. Moreover if you use public Wi-Fi hotspots to access the internet then your online data is quite exposed. The best way to protect your data anywhere anytime is to go for VPN services. It’s a terrific tool which acts as a strong security layer. It encrypts your online information so that others cannot see or track your exchanged information. This redefines online privacy. With the help of a VPN service you can easily change your virtual location. This adds another layer of security to your identity. If you want to hide your identity then there is no other tool as effective as a VPN. Top notch VPN services allow its users to avail the facility of hundreds of servers which are distributed all over the world. Moreover they maintain a massive database of IP addresses so that users can take up any identity of their choice. There are some VPN services which needs paid subscription. On the other hand there are some which are completely free. Then there are some VPN services which have two different versions- one is for the free users and another for the paid users. It’s really easy to start using a VPN service. Here we will take the example of the VPN service Hotspot Shield Free VPN Service. Here, you need to download the software from the homepage of the VPN website. Now run the installation file. Next you should activate the product in manual mode. At this point the VPN service will start taking over your internet connection and its protection starts. So, you can see how easy it is to use a VPN service!

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