How to Use VPN to Unblock Twitter

twitter-banAs one of the most important social networking and micro blogging services online, Twitter’s popularity has grown tremendously since its inception and currently the site has over 300 million active users from all over the world. The site generates more than 300 million tweets and over 1.6 billion searches every day making it one of the largest websites today.

This means the Twitter holds a lot of influence in world issues and due to the ability to share things among all the users there is a huge chance of an issue or an Idea going viral. This is why there is a high probability that a lot of people and sometimes even countries may feel threatened by the power that Twitter holds with the usual consequence being that the countries may block Twitter access. Although there is little that can be done about the decision to block Twitter in your country, there is something that you can do to view it.. You can easily unblock Twitter with VPN.

A VPN application will allow you to benefit from a secure connection that will guarantee privacy since it will allow for your IP address to remain private. This also provides security since it is almost impossible for hackers and third party snoops to access any of your personal information and a VPN service will also give you the freedom to access any content that you wish to by allowing you to bypass firewalls and content restrictions that may be imposed on you based on your IP address location. These proxy sites simply change your IP address making you anonymous and from a different location where the website is not blocked.

In order to unblock Twitter with VPN, you will need to select your VPN provider based on the VPN server location in comparison to your own location as well as the VPN Protocol (It is always advisable that you choose Open VPN because it is the best option to ensure your privacy and anonymity). Once you have picked the right service provider for your particular location and needs, you will then just have to download and install the software from the VPN provider’s website  and you will be well on your way to enjoying the very many benefits that come with being a part of the Twitter community.

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