How to Unblock YouTube?

YouTube is the number three website in terms of worldwide audience. Only Facebook and Google are above it. YouTube is owned by Google and it is a user generated content site. So, users from all parts of the world are free to post anything in the site. But as it happens with any user generated website some contents are not welcome for various countries. So they started blocking the site for their citizens. Moreover, YouTube is blocked in majority of the schools, colleges, universities and business entities. But due to the popularity of the service people want to unblock it at any cost. That is why if you enter the search phrase ‘unblock YouTube’ in the search box of any major search engine millions of results appear within milliseconds. So, you can guess the market size of the products which claim to be capable of unblocking YouTube anywhere in the world! For the fact, there are certain exclusive apps and software which are made only to unblock YouTube. But, here we will be discussing only about the best option to unblock YouTube. That is VPN or Virtual Private Network.

Unblock YouTube with VPN

If you do not want to spend any money to unblock YouTube then you can use various free VPN services like Blue VPN. But for better speed and reliability I always prefer a paid VPN service like Hidemyass, IPVanish, VyprVPN or Private Internet Access. The VPN technology is very powerful yet easy to use. It’s a one time set-up thing.

VPN services have servers distributed all over the world. Moreover they usually have thousands of IP addresses at their disposal. So when you sigh up with their services, download the software, run it on your system and later use it to connect to the internet they take over your internet connection. You become able to change your geographic location with the help of neutral IP addresses and servers. For example, if you belong to China where YouTube access is blocked then you can fake your computer’s location with the help of a quality VPN service like the Hidemyass. At that point authorities will not be able to track down your connection.


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