How to Unblock Streaming Services Using VPN

how-to-watch-tv-online-best-free-tv-streaming-sites-list-2012In today’s world a lot of events, films and even TV shows are available online via online streaming services. It is a very advantageous service for those who would like to be a part of the shows but don’t have access to the television networks.  For example, you may be a huge MLB fan but you reside outside the US and Canada. Although MLB TV will provide live streaming of all the matches on their website, there are a few limitations.  If you reside outside the US and Canada, you may not be able to access live matches due to the copyright laws that allow MLB to broadcast live games to viewers who are in the US and Canada only. But you don’t have to despair as there is a way around this problem.  You can use VPN to unblock streaming.

VPN applications will give you a new IP address while allowing you to be completely anonymous and give you high connectivity speeds that are essential whenever you want to access services such as streaming. VPN is much more ideal than proxies due to the fact that proxies are often extremely slow and have been known to leak your IP address resulting in certain content providers blocking you from accessing the content on their site.  Here is a step by step process of how you can use VPN to unblock streaming;

  • Subscribe to a VPN service that has multiple US IP addresses or the address that works with the streaming service.
  • The VPN service provider will give you the necessary instructions on how to configure your network settings such that you are able to safely and correctly install the VPN software. No installation is required when using mobile devices as you just need to modify few network settings.
  • After installation, you are usually required to save the changes and reboot your system so that the network changes take effect.  For Smartphones, you just need to save and apply the changes and then restart apps so as to make use of the new network settings.

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