How to set up a VPN at your home computer


A VPN can connects a computer or laptop over the internet to the office network allowing the remote user to connect to their office, like you are sitting in your office desk and working with a assurance that you are in a secured network.

Actually if you want to set up a connection it is important to have a good technical skill as the office firewall needs to be reconfigured, the VPN server should be setup and the whole thing has to be made secure. As the VPN connection setup and working, the VPN server has to be monitored and maintained with the latest security options provided by the VPN vendor.

However you can set up a VPN by a different way from above. With VPN service one can set up a VPN connection. Like VPN server a VPN service provides all the features it has except it reduces the cost of monitoring, maintenance and set up and removes the complexity of VPN server.

If you want to set up VPN what you should do first, go to the website of the provider from whom you buy the VPN. After that you should register online and download software to an office network system. The office network connects through the software without changing your firewall to the VPN service via the internet. Now the hackers could not identify you as you did not change your firewall. Thus you can save your privacy from outsiders. Now your office network is connected and you can add the users who want to use the service for accessing the VPN. Here you can use an advanced VPN services by which if you register to the network it takes a least time to join to the network and you can start working just after registered to the network as you can feel that you are working in your office.

There you can find some hosted VPN services which only serves to the persons own PC. But there are some restrictions in which, those who using the service they always have to keep their office PC on and they have to carry a laptop while out of office. But they are not very eco friendly.

The advantage of using a VPN service is that you do not need to buy new hardware for a new VPN connection. And there is also no need to employ consultants to set the connection. You can do it by yourself as the set up is very flexible to add or remove the users as you need.

If you want to set up a VPN to your home computer follow the simple steps given below.

Start->Control panel->Network and internet settings->Network connections (for XP)->Create a new connection->following the upcoming steps as it appear till the option->Allow virtual private connection step. After that select the check box for each user with whom you want to connect through VPN. Now this whole process set the VPN connection to your home computer and you are able to see new incoming connections.

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