How to make VPN more secure

best-vpn-serviceVPN services out there are essential and a vital requirement for internet users.  They are however not perfect and you may need additional ways to ensure that your web activities are secure. Here are a few ways to enhance any VPN’s security.

  • One of the ways to actually prevent the failure of your VPN or its disconnection is to disable internet access that does not come to you through the VPN Service provider’s tunnel. You can do this effectively by using a firewall or by changing the TCP/IP routes. But if you don’t understand how to do this and are less interested in learning how to do this, then the next point is for you.
  • You can get a few applications that can automatically do the above for you. One of the few good ones that you can get is VPNetMon which watches your IP address and the VPN provider’s IP address and if your VPN is no longer detected, the application will close all specified programs immediately and automatically. Another important piece of software that you can get to aid you in securing your VPN is VPNCheck, this software will shut down your main network connection should the VPN connection that you are currently using breaks or is lost.
  • Stop DNS Leaks that may occur. DNS leaks may happen when instead of using the DNS networks provided by your VPN provider, the default DNS networks are used or become visible which can be very detrimental to the security of your server. There are a lot of online resources and tools that can be used to help with this problem and most of them are quite efficient.
  • Use two VPNs if you don’t completely trust your current VPN provider to adequately protect your data from outside threats. You can set up at least two VPN accounts just to be safe.

These are just some of the ways to make double sure that the VPN you are using will offer very good security and anonymity as you browse through the web.

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