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VPN or Virtual Private Network helps you connect with the worldwide web in a secured manner. VPN is a network that helps you to access a site without revealing the IP address. VPN connection mask your IP address with IP address of the local severs of the 24 nation where the VPN service provider servers are located. VPN service provider also gives you security to work between unprotected networks.

VPN is very convenient option for the people working from home or a remote place. It is not necessary to use Unix or Linux system for those connection. You can simply use Virtual Private Network. Through the VPN one can use a network which much secured and safe from other networks.

The VPN can be as fast as your connections are in the both ends of your network. VPN connection can be fast as your other connection like internet. The number of the server helps to accelerate the speed of your VPN service. There are several features which helps you to speed up your VPN connection.

Sometimes VPN allows you to select an authentication key size, so you can choose a smaller authentication key size to speed up the connection of your network. VPN connection allows you to low the amount of the authentication key size to 128 bit for connecting with the network and to speed up your network speed. If you are using a direct VPN connection with a faster CPU then your connection definitely becomes faster. It decreases the connection time. It makes the VPN connection faster than in the time of using the connection with a router.

The quality of the VPN usually depends on the server, country, the server you are using in order to connect, type of the operating system and the router we are using.

There are mainly two types of protocol that are used in order to make connection with the VPN. There is Open VPN and PPTP VPN or Point to point protocol which is used in VPN to make it work faster. PPTP protocol does not need any software to set up but in the case of installing Open VPN you need few software. Open VPN is really helps to make your network faster if you are once able to install it. You cannot use Open VPN in mobile, therefore it is really necessary to rightly pick the VPN connection and protocol to make it work faster.

VPN service provider suggests that the change of speed does not differ due to the location of the server. But it is necessary to choose a server that is close to your IP address or the server in order to make the connection faster and taking smaller connection time. Always select a VPN service that has a larger number of the server in the world to make the detection of the IP address impossible.

The connection of the VPN service provider also depends on the browser and the type of VPN we are using. Therefore it is essential to select the correct VPN type and browser to make your connection faster.

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