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Only VPN as a technology could have an impact as the results have shown with regard to the growth and development of business.  Only VPN could bring a revolution to the mode of carrying out business. There are many plus points of taking a Virtual Private Network service when compared to its disadvantages.  Firstly it allows the corporate people to carry out business in a safe and secure way. Moreover, the Virtual Private Network allows sharing information in more than one location over networks. Actually the concept of VPN is for those who carry out their tasks of their office being constantly on the move. A person can remain connected with his office at all times during travelling.


A VPN is actually a private network which uses a public network like the internet while functioning.  A  VPN establishes a connection between the remote users or sites together. Virtual connections from the private network are used to set up a link with the remote employee through the internet. In this case data is encrypted in the way that information is coded at the sender’s end and decoded at the receiver’s end.  Thus prying eyes can be absolutely avoided in the course of action. There will not be any fear of intrusion while exchanging files.  Thus in this way the safety and security of the information is guaranteed. A VPN is actually a way to get extensive connections over a large land area even though the technology of leased line is kept at bay.  Moreover, flexibility of work hours will improve the productivity of the business house.  The time and expenditure and efforts of everyone will be saved. It is particularly useful for small business to expand into a bigger concern because the VPN can be expanded as the need arises. The technology then need not be replaced. When preparing to extend the present connections of Virtual Private Network there are a few things which should be kept in mind. There needs to be network access server, firewall and triple “A” server. The three A’s stand for validation, consent and accounting.  The Virtual private Network can be made use by individuals also on a laptop or a personal computer.


It is the VPN which seek to protect data on public data network like the internet.  One of the many advantages of using a Virtual Private Network connection is that the actual IP of the computer systems can be hidden while browsing the internet. So you can practically browse the internet discretely without anyone breaking into your privacy. Moreover, with the VPN technology you can connect to your favourite television shows anywhere in the world. You have to shell out a very small amount of money if you want to use the VPN technology for yourself. It is as low as a five dollar for every month and you would possibly encounter several companies peddling the Virtual Private Network technology on the internet. And at the end of the day you would have an email telling you how to go about the technicalities of setting up a VPN on your computer.

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