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The last two decades have seen tremendous growth in the number of internet users worldwide. Our day to day life depends a lot on the internet nowadays. With the advent of online shopping and internet payment gateways more and more people have started relying upon the cyberspace for shopping and various financial transaction needs. Simultaneously there has been a significant increase in the number of cyber criminals. They use all possible means to steal your personal information, bank account and credit card information. If you go on surfing the internet in an unsecured manner then the day won’t be too far when you will lose all your hard earned money in the hands of some cyber criminal. To protect yourself from such threats you can go for a VPN service or tunnel.

A VPN service can help you surf the internet without disclosing your identity. This in turn safeguards your personal information and online login credentials in various websites. Moreover recent reports have revealed that various government agencies are accessing your online surfing history in the name of national security. If you do not want your personal browsing history to fall in their hands then a VPN service is must for you. Such a service is capable of achieving many tasks beyond simple data encryption. When you use a VPN service while browsing the internet then the service provider replaces your actual IP address and assigns a neutral IP. By doing this it protects your geographic location from where you are accessing the internet.  The process of setting up a VPN is really easy. Firstly you need to connect to the internet with your existing internet service provider. Then you need to use the client software provided by a VPN service provider to connect to its servers. At that point the VPN creates a secure connection. Nowadays lots of people rely upon Wi-Fi hotspots to connect to the internet. For them a VPN is must as cyber criminals find it easier to trespass Wi-Fi connections. If you are not accustomed with such a service, no need to worry at all. The internet is full of resources to help you out.

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