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VPN is the initial for Virtual private network. One can use virtual private network in order to protect your personal data from the snoopers, hackers and prying eyes. VPN provides you a risk free connection. VPN helps you mask your identity with different IP address available from a local server. There are 24 nations where VPN servers are situated. If you avail Virtual private network then it will hide your identity with the help of these servers.

Internet has become an essential part of our existence. We use internet all the time. We use internet whether we are in home or at office. It would create a safe and secure networking system to surf in between the unprotected networks in the worldwide web. The VPN helps to create virtual office network through which we can do our work even if we are outside of the office or in a remote place. It helps you to log in to your personal account and it would enable you to make complete utilization of your potential.

Some of the internet user may want access a site without disclosing the IP address to the person running the site. The VPN gives you the facility to do so. VPN also help you access the restricted sites. Many sites are restricted or blocked in a country like China, you will be able to unblock those sites with the help of the VPN.

There are mainly two types of VPN available. You need to choose the right kind of VPN. There are free VPN and Paid VPN. There are several VPN found in the market. Operating system and rules of the network are unique to each VPN. The service provider needs to have 24 hour customer care support system in order to help you. You may be aware of the technicality of the VPN, but you are bound to come across few problems while using the connection.

  • The VPN service user need to have lot of money in order to run a customer care team. Paid VPN service takes money from the user therefore they can afford to keep a customer support care team. While the free VPN service provider does not have enough money to provide 24 hour customer support team.
  • Free VPN service provider in order to earn money they filled the interface with advertisement. It becomes very disturbing for the user of the service.
  • Paid service providers are accountable for their service. This is one of the reason of using the paid VPN service by the businessman. Paid VPN service providers are always available for support if you come across a problem. Paid VPNs provide refund if the your network is found faulty and replace it immediately.
  • If you are using the Virtual Private Network for the first time then you can avail the free VPN service.
  • Paid VPN is faster than Free VPN as they have more number of servers in the world.
  •  Free VPN may be able to obscure the IP address but they cannot track the history of IP address you are using through the VPN.


Generally businessman uses this paid VPN as it is more effective than free VPN.

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