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You need not be a rocket scientist to learn about VPN or virtual private network. Any person having basic knowledge of the computer and the internet can set up a VPN quite easily. The market is full of numerous VPN services. Newer service providers are being added to the growing list of VPNs worldwide. We can divide the various VPN services under three broad categories. Those are paid, initially free and later paid and completely free.

Paid VPN services

There are some VPNs services which you cannot use without investing money. They don’t provide free trial versions also. Those are costly and are not recommended for the first time users.

Initially free and later paid

Most of the VPN services worldwide fall in this category. They provide a free trial version. If you like the trial version then you can go onto buy the full version of the product to enjoy all the added benefits.

Completely free

There are some VPN service providers which will never charge you for using their services. But they may annoy you with unwanted advertisements at times. But if you are low in your budget then these free versions are always recommended. It’s not that they are of no use. For the fact there are certain free VPN services which work much better than some of the big names in the paid VPN category. So, do not ignore a free VPN service only because it’s free. You can refer to various online discussion forums and chat boards to learn about the best free VPN service providers in your region.

Free VPN services and antivirus

Some free VPN services are infamous for data leaks. So think twice before installing a new entry into the market. It can cost you a lot rather than saving some. But one thing is pretty much sure that a free VPN is much better than an antivirus. Whether you are using a paid or free antivirus it is unable to protect your system from all available trojans and malware circulating via the internet. But a quality free VPN service is well equipped to protect your system from such threats.

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