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Do you know what is anonymous browsing? If you don’t know about anonymous browsing, then you should know it if you are a regular internet user. Anonymous browsing is the technology that provides you with the most secure way of web experience. Sometimes, what happens is that users unknowingly give away a lot of their personal information on the net. There are some unknown applications that are always preloaded in a website when a user opens it. Then these applications ask for some of the user’s information in order to give access to the website. These unknown applications are actually third party applications that steals away user information in the form of attractive offers, forms and ultimately a user falls under the prey of internet scammers. So, what do to in order to get rid of this situation. They should use the technique of anonymous browsing that will save them from the threats of hackers and scammers. Not only scammers and hackers, there are the governments of various nations and the ISPs who are always keeping an eye on users activity on which websites. So there remains no user privacy. You may be unaware of that. So, always beware of these threats. Let’s start with some of the good browsing techniques.

Anonymous browsing or internet proxy is a technique that helps the user to navigate to the web pages through a variety of proxy servers that filters malicious applications. There are websites that offer web proxy through which you can navigate to your desired websites. There is a method in which you can make settings in your web browser to make it work as web proxy software. One of the web browsers that can do it for you is Google Chrome. Chrome is a very good web browser, a gem of a software designed by Google that aids in web proxy. Do you know how you can browse the web disguisedly with the help of Chrome? There are some steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser.
  2. Seek out for the toolbar icon.
  3. Click on that toolbar icon.
  4. You will find an option known as New Icognito Window and just click on that option. A new window will open as New Icognito Window. In this window you will be given the advantage of using it as web proxy. Whatever pages you visit, any of the visited pages or links won’t be shown by Google Chrome. This feature of Google Chrome never stores history and cookies.


So, Google Chrome provides you with full privacy. What you think? No. Google Chrome’s anonymous proxy is not enough in securing you. You can still be traced by the IP address of your computer which is not hidden. In this case, the ISPs can keep an eye on your activities. So, what to do now? You need complete protection, right? For that you need a VPN connection that will allow you to browse the internet with full privacy which masks your IP address with the VPN server’s IP address. A VPN connection is the ultimate way of Anonymous Browsing.

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