Characteristics of a Good VPN

stonegate_vpn_RGBThere are a lot of VPNs in the market and many of them come with a number of good features including top notch servers, desirable locations, good connectivity protocols and all at a very affordable price. And even as they are all great and very effective in protecting your computer against any outside threats, it is very hard to choose the right one if you don’t have an idea of what makes a good VPN. Here are some of the things you should look for in a VPN provider to determine whether they are right for you or not.

Check out the protocols used

VPN providers will more often than not use terms such as SSL/TLS PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP to describe their services. The details of just what all of these protocols are is of least importance but if your VPN provider uses any one of them, they will provide you with a secure connection.

Ensure that you understand their logging policy

Although you are assured that the data that you send through your VPN network is secure and that no one can have access to it, your VPN provider may be able to access it and if you are uncomfortable with this make sure that you fully understand the logging policies of your VPN provider prior to signing up with them.  There are a lot of good VPN providers who will not log your activities and you should do your research to find one that doesn’t.

Anti-Malware/ Anti-Spyware Features

Although a VPN provider will not provide you with invincibility as you may still download corrupted files from the internet that may damage your computer, it is still important to get a VPN provider who will provide you with top quality anti-malware and anti-spyware features so that you can effectively scan your computer for any viruses that may want to eliminate before they infect your system.  There are also a lot of VPN providers with very good features to protect you from viruses you may pick up online.

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