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Bitcoin is actually an open-source distributed digital currency which is based on P2P technology. It works in the same manner as Skype and BitTorrent do. Bitcoin has the ability to transform finance and banking sector. Bitcoin enables direct exchange of virtual currency between users across the globe and so does not require any intermediate financial institution. In spite of several security breaches its popularity has grown continuously since its introduction in 2009. For buying and selling goods/services over internet Bitcoin is used. With the growing popularity more and more online vendors are accepting Bitcoin payments.

As with VPNs, it is important because Bitcoin enables anonymous transactions (although transactions are not anonymous automatically and the users must follow the steps to do so). Anonymity is the priority when it comes to VPNs. Proper use of Bitcoin payments (preferably over networks like Tor) can enable the users to access VPN services that do not trace their IP addresses. Therefore it is not at all surprising to see increasing number of VPN providers encourage Bitcoin payments for using their services. Readers those who are curious to know about Bitcoin can check out and for more detailed description.

Below we present a list of VPN service providers who accept payments through Bitcoin:

  1. Private Internet Access: They truly protect their users’ privacy. They accept payments through Bitcoin, encourage the users’ privacy by allowing anonymous email addresses for paying through Bitcoin and do not keep users’ logs. They use 128-bit encryption as standard. They provide blazing fast connection speed, DNS leak protection, VPN kill switch and support port forwarding of client features. Negatives of this provider include no server statisics and no free trial.
  2. AirVPN: They provide great levels of anonymity and security. They accept payments through Bitcoin from anonymous emails and provide great encryption for using their services through SSL or SSH tunnels and over Tor. They offer brilliant speed from 50 servers across 10 different countries. They offer 256bit encryption, port forwarding dynamically, real time server/user statistics and 3 days of free trial.
  3. BTGuard: TorrentFreak has recommended this VPN provider. It provides reasonably fast, no logs and highly secured VPN service. It provides 256bit encryption and accepts payments through Bitcoin. It uses OpenVPN client and does not offer any extra services.
  4. TorGuard: This is a VPN provider based in Panama with US servers. It offers excellent connection speed and keeps no logs. It is a good VPN choice for general purpose especially for accessing Hulu content. But it is slightly pricey because it charges its users $9.95 per month.
  5. Mullvad: This is a Swedish VPN provider and it offers great anonymity to its users with full dedication. It has VPN client with DNS leak protection and internet kill switch. It is inexpensive and does not keep users’ logs. But it lacks OpenVPN configuration files and the ability to change servers.

Therefore, any worthy VPN should accept payments through Bitcoin bcause it marks the commitment to ‘privacy’ – which is actually the underlying concept of VPN.

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