Best Way to Bypass School Filters

Nowadays there has been an increasing trend of blocking the internet at school. This trend is not limited to a particular country or region. For the fact this trend is evident in hundreds of schools all over the world. In some the internet is partially blocked means most of the popular sites are blocked and in some schools there is a complete block. The reasons vary from a school to another ranging from lack of concentration among students while the internet is active to consumption of socially unwanted content over the internet.

Is there a way out?

There are certain ways by which one can unblock the internet in a school. One of the popular methods is use of a proxy server. But that method gives you only a temporary solution. Moreover proxy servers can be easily blocked. Then what is the best way to unblock internet at school. Let’s dig deeper.

Have you heard about VPN?

VPN is a superb technological advancement which helps one unblock the internet without any fear of getting caught. Actually when we connect to the internet with the help of our PC, laptop or any other device then our system is identified in the cyberspace with the help of an assigned address. That address is called IP address. When you use a VPN service, your original IP address is hidden. Instead a new IP address is allotted to your system so that even if your connection is detected by your school authorities they will not be able to ascertain whether the system being used to connect to the internet belongs to the school.

VPN installation and knowhow

You need not be a geek to learn about how VPN works. Just go to any search engine and look for information about VPNs. Moreover you can visit the official websites of various popular and quality VPN services like Hidemyass. They usually have quality user tutorials in their website so that anybody interested in their services can easily learn about VPN and its installation and uses. Once you lay your hands on a quality VPN service; you will surely understand the power and scope of the technology.


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