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The VPN market is almost saturated as of now. But most of them do not work in China. Still, the list of VPN services for China is not short at all. So, it is really difficult to shortlist 4-5 VPN services for China. This article is an attempt to help you choose some VPN services which can be termed as best from our experience and user reviews.

IP Vanish

In terms of network speed this VPN service will get 10 out of ten. It has servers in the countries namely Hong Kong, West Coast USA, Malaysia and Singapore. IP vanish is a trusted name in the VPN market. So, you can definitely go for this service. There are some doubts among the customers of the product about its keeping logs. Though it allows some major platforms but does not support P2P.

Switch VPN

Overall this VPN is not recommended for users outside China. But for Windows users in China this VPN client can be of great value. It has servers located in the regions namely Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The service is affordable at the first sight, but if you want to switch servers then you will be required to pay extra. This annoys a lot of customers for sure.

Vypr VPN

This is another superb VPN software which is capable of tackling the great firewall of China. It has servers in the countries South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. P2P is not supported by his VPN service. It is capable of supporting iOS and Android devices too. The money back guarantee lasts for only 7 days which is a big turn off for a lot of customers. It offers 256-bit or 160-bit OpenVPN encryption.

Express VPN

This VPN is recommended by most of the internet security experts as the best service for China.  For the fact one can find a number of unique factors in this VPN which are perfectly suitable for China. Express VPN has servers in 33 countries of the world. The money back guarantee lasts for whopping 30 days. The service is faster, secure and reliable.

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