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A VPN encrypts the signal of internet users and makes their online activities totally illegible to hackers and eavesdroppers. It also manipulates the IP address of the user creating an impression that the user has come from another country/location. If any user wants to privately surf the internet, access streaming media and share files then he/she should consider the well known VPN providers that are available today. These providers will keep the user’s uploads, downloads, messages, emails secured and manipulate the IP address of the user making him/her untraceable.

Some popular VPN providers based on user reviews are listed below:

  1. UnoTelly: This provider specializes in offering the users the right to use streaming contents that are geographically locked like Hulu, Spotify and Netflix USA. This provider charges its users $5.00 per month. UnoTelly is provided in 2 parts: UnoVPN and UnoDNS. UnoVPN offers privacy to the users by cloaking and encrypting their signal. UnoDNS offers rapid access for the user’s media players like PlayStation or Roku by unlocking the location of user’s choice. This provider has outstanding speeds and so it is ideal for listening to and watching streaming media.
  2. VyprVPN: This is an excellent VPN service provider and has grown by increasing their servers across Asia and Europe. They have around 700 servers worlwide. This provider charges $10 per month or $100 per year. This VPN provider uses PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. This provider offers great support for devices Android tablets and iPhones. This provider has been incorporated in Bahamas.
  3. Strong VPN: This is an expensive VPN provider as compared to its competitors. It charges $8 per month or $55 per year. It uses PPTP and L2TP protocols offers great support for its users in Asia. No scanning or logging of user’s data is done by them. Many users from Asia and Pacific Rim strongly recommend this provider.
  4. Private Internet Access: This provider charges a reasonable price of about $7.00 per month or $40 per year and provides very good service by hiding user’s identity and transferring data very rapidly. This provider has great features like hiding DNS leaks from authorities and hackers and auto-disconnecting when the VPN goes offline. PIA has an interesting privacy feature called “shared IP addresses” in which multiple subscribers will have the same IP when they log onto this VPN provider.
  5. HideMyAss: This provider has around 260 servers in more than 50 countries across the globe. This VPN provider gives the users the right to use geographically locked content. This provider supports L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and IPSec protocols. This is a VPN service provider based in UK. Many users rate this VPN provider as the most user-friendly. It provides some wonderful features like rotating IP addresses, a very convenient client tool, support multiple connections simultaneously, etc.
  6. Overplay: This provider has highspeed servers located across 12 countries. It uses PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. This provider charges its users a price of $5.00 per month or $60 per year. According ro the users their average speed is 6 megabits/sec.

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