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When you connect to the internet you get exposed to millions of hackers and bots. They are continuously on the lookout to track down any system connected to the internet which is not protected. Unprotected computers are very much prone to data thefts. Moreover unknowingly they act as virus and other malware spreaders and thus pose threat to the humanity. There are a number of measures which can be adopted to protect any device connected to the internet. Among all of them a VPN service is the best solution. One should use a quality VPN service not just for his own protection; rather for the wellbeing of the greater mankind too.

A top notch VPN service hides your data online and protects your identity. If you search for VPN services in any major search engine like the Google then you will find hundreds of VPN services. But for best results you should go for only that service which is capable of fulfilling all your needs at affordable prices. Moreover they should be reputed and highly reliable. I have personally tested a number of VPN services. In my personal recommendation, I would prefer the VPN service Hidemyass as the best VPN service in the world. I am making mention of some its features below which will help you understand the potential of the product.

Support for multiple devices

Hidemyass software is compatible with a diverse range of devices. Whether you are using a Windows PC, a Mac system, an android smartphone, a laptop or a tablet Hidemyass works on everything. So, you need not buy different VPN software for your different devices.

Multiple Protocol Support

Hidemyass VPN service offers support for multiple protocols like L2TP, OpenVPN and PPTP.

Huge number of servers and IP addresses

As of now Hidemyass has 485 servers all over the world. They are located in 62 countries and in 117 locations. Moreover a huge IP address list comprising of 58000+ IP address is available with this VPN service.

There are more than 10 other features which make HMA the best VPN software in the world. If you have not yet used its services then you are missing a lot for sure.

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