Best VPN for Windows

There are many Virtual Private Network (VPN) services available these days. VPNs are the perfect solution for secure browsing, getting around online barriers, and surfing with anonymity. But depending on which platform you are using, some VPNs might be better than others. For example, for a look into the best VPN service for Mac systems, click here. Today however, we’ll be looking at the best VPN for Windows.


Private Internet Access

First up, we have Private Internet Access. As the name would suggest, this VPN service prioritizes safe and secure. So if this is what you’re interested in, then these guys are a safe pair of hands. With shared IP addresses and no logs, you can rest assured that you are surfing the web with the utmost of privacy. They also take bitcoins a payment and you can register with this service with an anonymous email account, so they really do practice what they preach! The one problem is that there’s no way of getting a free trial, and if you’re not pleased with the service, there’s no money back guarantee.



Next is ibVPN. Don’t be fooled by their design and user interface – although it might not look all that stylish and might be a bit ugly to use, the VPN service offered by ibVPN is actually very good. If you are more interested in using torrents to download content, then ibVPN is a good choice. They have a specialised torrent service and they offer their whole package at a competitive rate. Like Private Internet Access, they don’t keep logs. One downside with ibVPN however is that their live support can be a bit temperamental, and as mentioned above, it’s not the prettiest or user friendly of services.



Finally, we come to Hidemyass. Although the previous VPN providers have their merits if you’re using Windows, I have to say that Hidemyass is probably the best out of these three. It has all sorts of features, such as tools to make VPN connections as easy as can be, ‘Secure IP Bind’ which helps you to use the web with security and confidence, and ‘Speed Guide’ which helps to ensure you use all of the great services offered by Hidemyass with the fastest speeds. This really is a great VPN service, and it offers a whole lot more than I’ve managed to fit into this post. So to find out more, click on the button below:

 vpn website

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