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In spite of growing popularity of a number of Operating Systems like Android, iOS, Linux and OSX, Windows still remains the most sought after Operating System. As a result, Windows is the best platform supported by VPN providers. They provide complete Windows setup manuals for L2TP, PPTP and SSTP. L2TP is considered to be more secure than PPTP. But it is reported that L2TP has been compromised by NSA. SSTP is quite secure but it is avoided by most due to its proprietary nature. OpenVPN  combined with an effective cipher is considered to be very secure. OpenVPN is an example of open source protocol and so no backdoors are concealed within it. Therefore, it is recommended that Windows users should use OpenVPN. VPN providers who support OpenVPN use generic FOSS OpenVPN client.

After all the technical details we now discuss some of the best VPNs for Windows:

  1. ExpressVPN: This is a US based VPN provider that offers good services which makes it a good choice for general VPN users. It has got servers in 33 different countries all over the world. It provides outstanding speeds with support for Android apps and iOS. It also guarantees refund of money within 30 days if the the user is not satisfied with the services. Unfortunately it does not support simultaneous connections and its pricing is high.
  2. Private Internet Access: This provider truly protects their users’ privacy. It accepts payments via Bitcoin, encourages the privacy of users by enabling anonymous email addresses to pay through Bitcoin. It does not keep users’ logs. It uses 128-bit encryption as the normal standard. It allows three simultaneous connections. It provides super fast connection speed, DNS leak protection and VPN kill switch. Client features can be port forwarded by using PIA. Unfortunately, this provider has no server statisics and does not offer free trial.
  3. AirVPN: This is an Italian VPN provider. It gives great levels of secrecy and security. It accepts payments via Bitcoin from anonymous email-ids and offer great levels of encryption for using its services through SSH or SSL tunnels and over Tor. It offers good speed from around 50 servers located across ten different countries. It offers 256bit encryption, dynamic port forwarding, real time user/server statistics and three days VPN free trial. It supports P2P sharing and utilizes shared IPs.
  4. Mullvad: This VPN provider is based in Sweden. It uses 128bit Blowfish encryption and offers good anonymity to the users with full dedication. It has good speeds and VPN client features DNS leak protection along with internet kill switch. This provider is inexpensive and does not track users’ activity by maintaining logs. Unfortunately, it does not have OpenVPN configuration files. Also the ability of changing servers is not present. Reviewers think that encryption technology could have been better.
  5. VyprVPN: VyprVPN Pro uses 160bit and also 256bit OpenVPN encryption. It is a very fast VPN provider with servers located across 36 different nations. It supports iOS app, Android app and three simultaneous connections. It does not keep users’ logs and guarantees refund of money within 7 days.

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