Best VPN for torrents

Torrent users are fond of privacy. They want to secure their identity while downloading and sharing files. Nowadays a lot of ruling governments all over the world are attempting to regulate the way internet works. They think of torrent uses as an illegal activity. Therefore, if you are a great fan of torrents then a VPN service is must for you. Moreover quality VPN services offer very high transfer speeds while sharing larger files and usually do not keep user logs. So, it will be a riddle if a torrent user avoids VPN use.

There are numerous VPN services which are good for torrents. Here we will be exploring only one due to constraint of space.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a superb VPN service useful for torrents because of high speed. It’s quite useful to hide your identity and mask data transfer. If you go for the monthly payment mode this service costs $7 per month. On the other hand if you prefer the annual subscription it costs $40 a year. So, you can save $44 a year for annual packages. But if you have never used a VPN service till now then I would recommend a monthly experiment for the initial few months. In terms of price, this service costs you lesser than many other players in the field. If for some reason your cloaking goes offline then the connection is disconnected automatically to protect your identity. This is a superb feature which is not available in a lot of VPN services. Moreover Private Internet Access VPN service uses shared IP addresses. That means you will be sharing the same IP address with many other people to access the internet. This will block any attempt to track the sender of a particular file. For office torrent users this is a very useful feature. The service is very easy to set up. All you need is to download the software, run the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions. For any hiccups you can contact their support team. They are always ready with answers to your queries.


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