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There are a plethora of options if you are looking for the best VPN for Linux. So, if you are novice in the field of using VPNs, then it will be really difficult for you to choose one among them. I shall try to help you with some tips in this article to choose one for your usage.

Choose a simple yet effective VPN for Linux

Complexity in use and design is not directly proportional to effectiveness in the context of Linux VPNs. So, do not get fooled by a Linux VPN program just because it’s too classy and complex. Rather choose one which is nice to look and easy to set up and understand.

Don’t invest a lot of money

Some Linux VPNs charge their customers ridiculously high prices. Avoid any such services with exorbitant prices. Rather you should look for free services if it’s your first time. Your first goal should be to acclimatize yourself with the Linux VPN environment. Once you understand the mechanism, you can go for paid products. When buying paid products do not follow the theory that higher priced products means more reliability. The market is flooded with low cost options which give similar results like a higher priced product.

Ease of setting up

The best Linux VPN should be able to set up within minutes. They come with easy to follow instructions so that first time users do not face any difficulty while setting them up. They generally come with detailed instruction manuals to eliminate any mistakes in the set up process. You should go through that manual before trying to set up your product. The quality of the manual can be a great indicator of the product. If you are stuck in the middle of your set up then contact an offline technology expert for help. Moreover, you can seek support from online technology related discussion boards too. They are very helpful.


Open VPN is a good example of quality VPN service for Linux. It has all the features I have mentioned above. So, you can look for products similar to Open VPN for best results.

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