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The iPhone user base is continuously increasing. Studies suggest this trend will remain so for the coming few years. So, I can bet 7 out of 10 people reading this blog post owns an iPhone. It’s a common thing to use your iPhone in Wi-Fi enabled places to connect to the internet. But while doing so I am sure that you are not comfortable with others having access to your personal stuff in the phone or what you are doing with your iPhone. To protect your work and data from those prying eyes you need to use a VPN service.

The market is full of hundreds of VPN services for the iPhone. Nobody can tell which one of them is best for your iPhone. Actually the overall concept of best is quite confusing. The same VPN service which you feel best for your iPhone might turn out to be quite ordinary for your friend or colleague. Moreover, price plays a huge role in the selection of the best VPN service for your iPhone. So, to make it simple for you and help you choose the best VPN service for your iPhone I would like to suggest a detailed plan of action.

First of all you should identify what you want to protect in your iPhone or what are the websites you are facing difficulty with in accessing. You must decide whether you are looking for a short term solution or a long term solution. If you are looking for a short term solution then go for a free VPN service. But if you are habituated with heavy usage of your iPhone then it’s better to go for a paid VPN service. Then if you are looking to unblock some country specific websites then you should ideally invest in that VPN service provider which have an impressive past record in achieving that with other customers. Then some VPNs for iPhone are available at $4 per month and some will cost you $7. So, it depends upon your budget too.

To conclude, there is no such VPN service which I can term as the best VPN for iPhone. You must be careful enough to choose a relatively best VPN service for your beloved iPhone for best results.

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