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Whether you’re looking to surf the net with added security, want to get around barriers that block you from using websites, or looking to browse with anonymity safe in the knowledge that your personal data is kept away from prying eyes, then a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is for you. There are many on offer, but how can you tell which one is best for you? What’s more, with contemporary mobile technology, using the internet doesn’t mean that you have to be locked down to a computer or laptop – you can surf the web using your mobile phone or a tablet whether you’re commuting to work or lazing around on your sofa! Specifically, if you’re using an iPad and you’re interested in getting a VPN for it then keep reading for some handy advice on the best VPNs.



HideMyAss is a top notch VPN provider. You might have heard of them before (I recommend them often, for example) but this is for good reason – they offer a great service, at a great price and are available on almost any operating system and device you can care to think of. Most importantly of all, Hidemyass is really easy to use, meaning you’ll have no trouble setting it up on your iPad, and they have a great Wiki dedicated to helping you understand the technology. You can get the service from as little as $6.55 per month, and if you’re not happy with Hidemyass they have a 30 day money back guarantee.



Another decent VPN for the iPad is StrongVPN. They have a similar amount of servers as Hidemyass (over 300 spread right across the globe), meaning that they can provide an IP address for almost anywhere you could care to think of. Again, like Hidemyass, Strong VPN have services to help you set the software up, however they only have a week long money back guarantee.  As such, whilst both of these VPNs are good, my money’s probably with Hidemyass.


Thanks for reading, and if you have any burning queries about Hidemyass, then check out their site by clicking on the button below:

 vpn website

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