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In the modern age of technology, you can surf the web almost anywhere. But when you’re using mobile devices to connect to the internet, more often than not you’ll be linking up to a WiFi network to do so. If you’re connecting to a public network, this means that often you won’t know whose looking in on you, and who controls the WiFi network. As such, you need to be sure that you can use your mobile device with the confidence of tight security. This is where VPNs come in. Not only will they keep your personal data safe, they’ll also help you to surf anonymously and let you get around tricky barriers that would otherwise stop you from accessing online content.

The Galaxy Tab series are a set of Android powered mobile tablets with internet technology, making them prime for the benefits of a good VPN service. We’ve written before on Androids and VPN more generally, and you can read about that topic by clicking here. However, to read specifically about the best VPNs for the Galaxy Tabs stay put.


A great VPN for any Galaxy device, not just their Tabs, is OpenVPN. This is an open piece of software, which is a real deal sweetener for what is already a great VPN service. However, OpenVPN can be a bit tricky to set up. This is where OpenVPN for Android comes in; an app designed to help you set up OpenVPN on your mobile device. The one problem is that this app itself is a little prone to glitches, however some OpenVPN providers do offer their own apps to help you set up this VPN service.


If you’re looking for something which you can be sure will not cause you any trouble when setting up, then there’s another VPN called Hidemyass. Not only is it easy to set up, but it also starts at the great price of just $6.55 per month. What’s more, Hidemyass has a bundle of features that you won’t find anywhere else that will serve to make your browsing as secure and reliable as it could be. It supports the majority of protocols, making it super compatible, and it even comes with ‘Speed Guide’, which will help to ensure that Hidemyass runs at the best speeds.

Hopefully this has been a helpful way of learning more about VPNs and Galaxy Tabs, but to find out more, click on the button below:

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