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We all know that china has blocked many websites by use of one great firewall. VPNs offer the best way of greeting over this problem, but the Chinese have still managed to block many VPN services. Actually many of the big brands of VPN service providers don’t work in China. In looking for best VPN for China, the following factors must be considered

  • Speed of service
  • Software quality
  • Customer service quality
  • Pricing
  • Most important of all; does it work in China?

The following is a list of the best VPN for China

Express VPN

To customers in China, Express VPN has engineered its systems to provide reliable, fast connection, most important of all, it doesn’t log in to the activity of users. Unlike the other VPN companies, whose software suffers frequent blockages from China mainland, ExpressVPN has maintained very stable service to Chinese users.

It offers very fast speed and has large network with many hundreds of servers. It offers locations in most of the continents but for best experience while in China you are advised that you connect to one of their US West Coast or Asia locations.  The secure OpenVPN of Express VPN is not blocked by the Chinese firewall.


This VPN provider is based in Malaysia and has gained a lot of popularity in the Far East. Some of the factors that have made it popular include great Windows, pro-P2P policy, great connection speeds, no logs policy and excellent OSX VPN software which offer various options of connection.

IP Vanish

This VPN Company is based in the United States but has servers in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and U.S West Coast. It also boasts excellent download speeds, VPN software which works well, and it’s very easy to use.


The VyprVPN Pro package is excellent for users in China because, among others, its features 256-bit OpenVPN encryption, iOS and Android Apps, and has servers based in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. However, VyrVPN bans P2P traffic and keeps logs.


SwitchVPN is a good choice for users based in China particularly those who use Windows in their systems. It offers SSSTP connections to the servers in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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