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Canada is known the world all over for its liberal stances on copyright as well as  privacy. Unlike in the USA where DMCA notices work, that is not the case in Canada and the ISPs even do not need logging. This means that the use of Canadian IP has the potential of getting you the user many freedoms which you will not otherwise enjoy if you choose IP hosted in another country.  Also, for those who are physically in Canada, and are in search of VPN, the list of the best VPN for the country will be of great help since most of the service providers offer IPs in several applications thus helping those who wish to do so, to use foreign IPs. There are various VPN for Canada.

The following is a list of the best VPN for Canada


Although the location of PureVPN is Hong Kong it is the ideal choice for those VPNs that have Canadian IP addresses. The positives of this service provider include that there are no speed restrictions, excellent tutorials are provided, and it has more than 300 servers. The negative is that it doesn’t have privacy policy. Although the PureVPN pricing is higher than that of various other cheaper VPN options in Canada, it is worth paying for because it offers something better. Pricing ranges between $6.25 and $18 per month depending on the upfront payment and package selected.


HideMyAss is very popular in the Canadian VPN space. Their positives include excellent software, plenty of locations, and very fast servers. Its negative is that it is little bit costly as compared to the other alternatives in the market, although its pricing is not that bad. Pricing begins at $6.51 per month.

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Private Internet Access (PIA)

In terms of privacy, Private Internet Access is the best choice. It is also cheap, although not as cheap as ibVPN, and is simple. Its negatives include that its features are minimal.

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Like HideMyAss, StrongVPN’s positives include excellent PVN software, plenty of locations, and very fast servers. However, its only disadvantage is that it does not have a good privacy policy. Its pricing begins at $7 per month.






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