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A good number of Asian countries are now considered as powerful countries all over the world. Whether its politics, business or economics; numbers of Asian counties have proved their mettle to the world. Moreover in terms of area covered and population the Asian continent occupies a major portion in the world map. So, this is a mere formality to say that whatever happens in this continent have an impact on the whole world. The effects can be seen in the world of internet too. The Asian powers understand this fact and that is why they try to regulate what is being accessed over the internet by their citizens. This thinking has led to the blocking of number of popular websites in these countries. For instance, almost all the popular and useful websites are blocked in China which are hosted outside the country. Going one step further they have developed their own alternatives of those websites. Likewise, YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. Then social media sites are blocked in majority of the Asian power houses. To sum it up, there is no internet freedom in the Asian continent.

The Solution

So, what is the solution to unblock all the blocked sites in Asia? We have explored all the available options for you including the likes of proxy servers. Our experiments have shown that VPN is the best solution to enjoy internet freedom in any Asian country. In simplest words, a VPN service changes your virtual location. More precisely, it creates a new identity for you for which the government appointed online spies feel that you are accessing the blocked sites outside the country.

Which VPN to choose?

There are a number of VPN solutions out in the market. But among them only a few are good for Asian conditions. We vote for Hidemyass. When tested it showed zero errors in unblocking all the popular websites from any Asian country. If you have not used such a service ever then there are guidebooks with the service which will help you start using the service. So, go for a VPN service today and feel the power of the free internet.

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