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I would like to clear it at the very onset that it is really difficult to judge a single VPN service as the best available option for android devices. People are now no alien to the concept of VPN. So the customer base for VPN is continuously on the rise. With that there has been a significant increase in the number of VPN services also. Each of them is trying to be better than the rest. So, by the time you finish reading this article one more VPN service might be launched in the market. Therefore, I would like to abstain from claiming a single VPN as the best choice for android. Rather you will find some important points which you should know before going for a quality VPN for android.

Android and VPN

As of now android is the most used platform among the smartphone users. This growth is visible in all corners of the world. Smartphone users access the internet from their phones itself. According to studies they shop online, make financial transactions, and consume media and do many more things with the help of their smartphones. They use those smartphone to login to their favorite websites. So, in the process they leave a lot for the hackers. Hackers can easily attack an unprotected smartphone stealing your personal data and information. To protect yourself from such threats the best option is to go for a reliable VPN for Android. VPN is the best service to protect your android based smartphone.

It is a common practice among android smartphone users to access the internet using Wi-Fi hotspots. Though this adds a lot of convenience to your life, but it has a number of security threats. VPN can be used to mask your connection while using the Wi-Fi medium.

Use of Android VPN for tourists

If you are the kind of person who loves to explore the world day in and out then you must have a smartphone. It adds more joy to your journey. When you are in a different country then you might lose access to some websites hosted in your native country. You can use a VPN service in your android phone to unblock and access those websites irrespective of your geographic location.

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