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When it comes to free stuff, everyone loves them. Many people don’t want to spend even less than $10 per month. Many are so obsessed with free services that they are not ready to bear the prices. Therefore the question arises are free stuffs any good when compared with the paid ones? Certain factors like speed, security, P2P torrent downloads and data caps have to be considered for answering the question. Based on some of these criteria we discuss some of the best free VPNs available:

  1. CyberGhost: This is a reliable and generous free VPN service provider. Its free service has the same VPN client as that for the paid service. It supports P2P sharing of files and uses 128bit OpenVPN encryption. However there are following restrictions:
    1. There is a speed cap of 1 Mb/s.
    2. After the establishment of the first connection users wil view advertisements for 17 seconds. Then more ads will appear every two hours.
    3. There is no choice of servers and free users get connected to available servers automatically.
    4. After six hours of usage the users will be disconnected automatically. Reconnection can be achieved manually.
  2. Tor Network: This is not actually a VPN service. However it is a free system used widely for ensuring online anonymity.  The open source client enables the users to connect to internet anonymously via a distributed network. It uses an encryption service called Onion Routing. The installation is really easy. This service provides high security because the request of the user passes through 3 different nodes and at each time the information gets encrypted. Unfortunately, it has poor speed because the traffic bounces around the computers of the volunteers around the world. Tor Network also does not support P2P filesharing.
  3. Kepard: This is a Moldovan VPN service provider which offers 15 days of free trial. Apart from that it also lets the users to use half an hour of free service each day. This might sound very restrictive but the users can access its servers which offer full speed. This provider uses 128bit OpenVPN encryption. Its Android app and Windows client are highly recommended. It does not store usage logs and supports P2P sharing.
  4. VPN.S: This is a VPN provider that is reasonably fast and without any ads. It uses an excellent 2048bit OpenVPN encryption system. It provides a free service with the following restrictions imposed:
    1. It is too slow.
    2. Supports advertisements.
    3. Data limit is 600Mb per month.
    4. The user can access only one server in USA.
    5. It supports only Windows.
    6. The activities of the users are closely monitored.
    7. Does not support P2P file sharing.

HideMyAss: This is a popular UK based VPN provider. It also provides free web proxy services along with real time database for working proxies. Simple HTML websites can be browsed smoothly but loading complex contents like Youtube videos may be difficult. HMA provides free anonymous file upload, anonymous web linking and anonymous email services.

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