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Should you go for a VPN service? That’s a pretty preliminary question. Now it is an established fact that every internet user should opt for a quality VPN for a number of reasons. The reasons are beyond the scope of this article. Rather this article will focus upon some of the best VPN service providers for android.

The android market has been constantly growing in the last few years. This trend will remain so for this decade too. If you own an Android device then you use it to access the internet for sure. This risks your online identity and data. To protect those you need to go for a VPN service. The market is literally full of all kinds of android VPN services. Here we will discuss some among them which have become able to prove their reliability and efficiency in protecting user data.


It’s not a great service. But it has a plenty of features which will attract a lot reading this article. To start with Mullvad accepts Bitcoin. Moreover it accepts payments sent by post too! The service can allow up to three simultaneous connections which is really good. The server speed is better than a lot of its competitors. It does not keep log of user activities which is a great feature likeable by any internet user.


AirVPN accepts Bitcoin as well and does not keep log at all. It offers network transparency, 256-bit AES encryption and supports a lot of technologies like VPN through SSH and SSL tunnels and VPN over Tor. Server speeds are fast and reliable. The service offers a 3-day trial period.


VyperVPN is an established company in the VPN market. So, in terms of reliability this is a superb option. The service is really user-friendly and easy to use and understand. Tutorials are available making the product a must buy for a lot of customers. For the fact VyperVPN provides one of the best tutorials for Android users. Two versions are available of the product, one of which offers 256 bit encryption.

There are hundreds of VPN services which claim to provide support for android. But most of them are not reliable at all. Be aware of such services.

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