Benefits of Internet Proxy

In computer networking, proxy server is actually an application or computer system that behaves as the intermediary for guiding internet traffic from clients to other servers. Clients request the proxy servers for services like web page, connection, a file or other resources which are available from another server. After receiving the request, a proxy server assesses the request to simplify it. The information sent/received by the user passes through the proxy server first. Generally three types of proxy servers exist:

  • Forward Proxy Servers are those which carry the traffic to internet servers from intranet clients.
  • Reverse Proxy Servers are those which carry the traffic to internet servers from external clients.
  • Open Proxy Servers are those which can be accessed by any general internet user.

Advantages of Internet Proxy:

  • Safe and secured private browsing: Proxy servers provide security by hiding internal clients from external network. The identity of the user is kept hidden because the proxy server lies in the forefront. Thus attacks from spams and hackers are stopped by the proxy server. Proxy servers are not known to keep logs or use cookies and so the information of users are not stored in their databases. The network is also protected from malwares that can exist in the user’s computer. If a computer in the network is infected with malwares, then other machines connected to the network can also get infected. Malwares can cause serious problems to any network by stealing personal information, documents and passwords. Proxy servers monitor and block internet traffic and make the administrator aware of any suspicious activity.
  • Caching: Caching activity reduces the user’s bandwidth use. Work gets speeded up when the proxy servers cache information. Web content is delivered more efficiently. The time needed to fetch a site is reduced by proxy servers. When usage of bandwidth exceeds the maximum traffic limit proxy servers reduce the bandwidth usage. Users accessing the web via proxy servers are provided with a cached page rather than hosted website page. Retrieval of cached page from proxy server takes less time. This is beneficial for both network administrator and the user.
  • Administration becomes easier: The proxy server helps the network administrator to manage and filter usage of internet from one machine. The proxy server is used by all the users for accessing the web. When needed the network administrator can restrict the accessibility of certain websites and webpages. This filtering activity is generally employed by large business institutions that restrict websites either through categories or individually. Whole categories like entertainment, social networking, gaming or pornography sites can be fully blocked by proxy server softwares.
  • Geo-location Testing: Various websites employ geo-location techniques for ensuring that users get directed to the most appropriate web content . The user location is first determined  and then they are directed to relevant pages. The technology should be analyzed thoroughly before its implementation. Proxy servers, located throughout the world, are used for conducting geo-location testing. It is sensible to go for a paid proxy service because it is much more reliable than the free services.

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