Are Paid VPNs Better than Free VPNs?

There has been always a controversy about the supremacy between paid VPNs and free VPNs. This article is an attempt to throw some light on the topic so that you can take a final call about which type you should go for. This is not a basic article about the usage, definition and other aspects of VPN or Virtual Private Network. To learn about those aspects you can refer to relevant articles in this blog itself.

Do you really need a paid VPN?

In the first instance it seems like paid VPNs are definitely better than free VPNs. After all you are paying for it. Then how it can be less useful than its free counterpart? Before I answer that let me ask you some questions. What you do with a VPN? How many websites you unblock in a month with a VPN? Are you really an internet freak? How many times you shop online in a month? If you are a basic user of the internet or if you use the internet only in your leisure time; if you shop online less than 3-4 times in a month; if you need to unblock only a site or two in a month; if you are not an internet addict in the truest sense then a paid VPN is of no use to you. Paid VPNs are only for those who are hardcore internet addict and who literally live a cyber or virtual life. For lesser needs a free VPN is perfect. You need not spend your hard earned money in a paid VPN.

This is true that paid VPNs come with a lot of added and advanced features. Though they serve as superb eye candy, but they are useless for some of the readers reading this blog post. So, the question whether paid VPNs better than free VPNs cannot have a single word answer. It all depends upon your requirement and budget. Sometimes you will be able to meet your VPN meets only with the help of free demo versions of high quality VPN services. So, if you are tight on your budget then I would like to recommend a free VPN instead of a paid one.

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