Are Free VPNs better than Paid VPNs?

In this Internet age, a VPN service is must to maintain your online security and protect confidential data. Once you decide to use a VPN product you have two choices-paid VPNs or free VPNs. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages. This article is an attempt to see which one will be perfect for your usage.

Important features to look into in a VPN

There are a number of factors or features one needs to consider while choosing a VPN service. Among them some features are extremely important. First one is the quality of customer support. Every VPN service has its own set of rules and operational steps. So, irrespective of your technical know-how you are sure to run into one or other problem from time to time. Hence, you must have access to quality customer service executives 24 x 7 so that you can enjoy the service without any interruption. But to maintain such a qualified customer response team a product manufacturer or promoter must invest good amount of money. This is not possible for a free VPN product owner. Therefore, they go for associated product promotions within their free VPN service platform. So, when you use a free VPN your user interface might get loaded with unwanted advertisements. This can be really annoying at times. But for paid VPN owners there is no such issue at all. From this aspect free VPNs are inferior to paid VPNs.

Choice and range of servers

Server strength is a crucial factor which determines the actual power of a VPN service. More number of servers indicates better privacy and security. Free VPNs are generally unable to provide its customers with adequate number of servers worldwide. This is a major disadvantage for any free VPN service.

Who should go for free VPNs

Every technological innovation has its own users. Likewise, free VPNs cannot be rejected altogether. So, if you are a beginner in the field of VPN then it’s better to go for a free VPN service. It will help you understand the mechanism quite well. This knowledge will later assist you in choosing a quality paid VPN for your usage.

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