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Anonymous web browsing is an idea with which the user’s IP address will be hidden while they are browsing through internet. There are many cases where people have had their identity stolen by the unwanted while they are surfing the internet. In that case anonymous web browsing is the perfect tool by which users protect themselves from hackers on the web. Anonymous web browsing is a simple thing which keeps you protective form those people who want to steal your information or login id when you are using internet and sharing information through internet. Anonymous web browsing is a type of buffer zone which place between your device and the website you visit. It acts like a firewall that protects your device from unwanted activities.

In the present era internet censorship is something which we really do not want to engulf our ways for free internet searching. It exists everywhere irrespective of countries and organizations. It includes social networking sites like face book, Twitter etc. It usually blocked in offices, colleges and schools. And even you search those sites they may record the recent activities which you really do not want. There are many online web proxies to get rid out of the problem but those are from unknown origin and hence you cannot ensure complete privacy. So, now the question arises that how do we get escaped from this problem and browse the internet more securely and anonymously. There is a solution to bypassing internet censorship with the help of Virtual Private Network in a secure way.

You can think that if you want the internet privacy one can put up a firewall or install an antivirus. So why should you need to use VPN? See, firewall is used for protecting the date in your computer while antivirus prevents viruses to protect your system. But what about the data you want to send online by making your activities private? Here comes the advantage of using a VPN. By installing a VPN connection you are creating a private tunnel between your device and the sites which you want to visit. Thus you become an anonymous surfer using VPN. In that case the data you are sending on the web goes to the server of your VPN provider and this server is the one which will connect you to the public network known as internet.

The followings are the stepwise operation of achieving anonymity.

1. From the proxy server an http request is generated by the web browser for the URL.

2. Immediately the proxy server issues an http request to the web server for this URL.

3. Now the http request appears to be originated at the proxy server and not at the user’s computer.

4. After that the web server replies with sending an html document to the proxy.

5. In that document the proxy will first rewrite all the links so that they will point back to the proxy instead of the web server.

6. Ultimately it sends the document back to the user with all links rewritten.

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