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The world had advanced a lot especially in the last decade where information technology is always taking the lead when it comes to technological advancements. One of the most notable gifts of information technology is internet. Today, internet technology is advancing very fast in terms of users, with also the increase of online threats from scammers or hackers that steal valuable information of users browsing the internet. So, besides all these advancements there remains an issue of internet security. This issue has been the most common problem when it comes to internet browsing. Today’ s discussion is of avoiding this problem faced by many users.

Who doesn’t want to browse the internet in a safe and secure way? Who want to give away the information when surfing the internet? No body. So, here comes the term what is known as anonymous surfing. Anonymous surfing is a way of surfing the internet without giving away your private details of your computer or your geographical location to where you belong. We can also term it as internet proxy. Now anonymous browsing are comprised of three types:

  1. Web-based anonymous proxy which is a type of internet technology service that guides the user to use the internet through channels maintained by proxy servers. This kind of surfing the web are meant for only website browsing. What you have to do is just plain and simple. Just go to the website where the proxy service is available. Place the cursor on the address bar and type your desired web address and press enter. What happens is that, the url you typed is immediately channelized through the proxy servers of the website using the IP address of the proxy server, not the IP address of your computer. Just one thing to remember that this service is not perfect for active users, as this service prevents some web pages like web pages hosting financial or marketing information. Also, this service doesn’t allow the entry cookies which are necessary to view a website. But it will definitely allow you to browse the internet maintaining privacy.
  2. Anonymous surfing can also be enabled by installation of one more of proxy servers. It is a very important task for someone who really wants to browse the internet disguisedly. Have you heard of protocol dependant proxy servers? Today, their usage is very common, but the major fault is that they are solely dependent upon the type of protocols are being used which again depends upon the type of operating system that has this proxy add-on.
  3. The last method is VPN tunneling which is the ultimate technology and is a very sound technology used for anonymous surfing and is meant for dynamic users. The full form of VPN which is Virtual Private Network is the world’s best solution in private browsing and is applied to websites of large organizations including both financial institutions and government institutions.VPN tunneling is the most advanced mode of browsing the net in a highly secure way.

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