Anonymous Surfing makes your Computer Safe


VPN or Virtual Private Network makes your computer safe and secure with anonymous surfing. VPN is a network which gives the user the opportunity to surf net in a risk free manner. We use internet for shopping, online banking and to keep contact with our friends and family through the social networking site. We work at office or at the home with the help of internet. Many of our personal data is circulated through the internet. With the help of Virtual Private Network the data is secured from the tricks of the worldwide web.

Anonymous surfing means surfing the net without revealing your IP address. In this way your data is secured. Many of the user want to visit certain sites without letting anyone know the IP address. With the help of VPN the user can mask the IP address with another IP address. The IP address changes in every 20 minutes. This IP address is given from the server of the 24 countries where the VPN servers are situated. In this way the security of the user is protected.

We often connect to the internet through the Wi-Fi network. It makes the connection unsafe. VPN enables you to work in between the unprotected sites of the worldwide net. Even if the hacker hacks into your system they cannot decipher the data as it protected through various encryption and protocols.

There are mainly two types of protocol used to protect the personal data. There is an Open VPN that needs a number of software and PPTP or Point to point protocol does not need any software in case you are installing it.

There are also tunneling process which protects the data and transmit the data through a subway like system. The data transmitted either with a point to point network or a site to site network. There are also numbers of protocol used in the Virtual Private Network tunnel to protect the privacy of the user. There are mainly three types of tunnel used in the VPN tunnel. They are Layer two tunnel protocol or L2TP, Internet protocol security or IPSec and Point to point protocol or PPTP.

Anonymous surfing makes you enable to see the georestricted sites of the world. Internet television is gaining their popularity with every day. There are georestricted sites in UK and USA. There is BBCiPlayer, LoveFilm, 40D etc in UK and Netflix in USA. These sites produce a high quality programs which is popular throughout the world. These sites monitor the traffic into their system therefore they are able to block the IP address of the user which is originating from the foreign country. With the help of the Virtual Private Network one can see these restricted sites. VPN changes the IP address of the user with an IP address of the server of that country. VPN helps you see these sites even if you are travelling or staying in a foreign country.

Anonymous surfing protects the privacy of the data of the user.

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