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Can you ever deny that you are not interested in browsing the internet as an unidentified user? You cannot deny this matter. Everyone wants to browse without giving away the details. There are some people who are extremely clever. They browse and enjoy the internet without even telling or informing and there are also some people who forfeit the valuable time and money for the same cause. So, today, this discussion is for those people who are not aware of this great technique that will enable these users to get the profit of using the internet maintaining security and also in an economical way.

Have you ever heard of proxy server or rather internet proxy? Let’s make you clear about this idea.

Internet proxy is a method in which you can easily browse the internet without telling that you are online. On other words, we can also define it as characteristic or trait of asking information to various clients who collects information about various servers over the internet. Now what is this information?

This information consists of the network address of the user computer, the user’s email, the type of software system or operating system software that is controlling the hardware etc. Other details includes information about your internet service provider and your browser’s data and information.

So, in order into conceal all your private information, this internet proxy is a must have for you.

The technique of internet proxy helps you to use the internet as a disguised user and for that you can take help of using proxy servers. There are some websites that host this internet proxy service. Now, you have to remember that using internet proxy service can make your internet browsing a little bit slower. That means , your internet may run slow. Surprisingly, you will find websites who hosts anonymous surfing from whom you may have to purchase the service online. There are also sites who will allow you to browse the internet anonymously without taking a single penny from you.

For those people who are not interested in paying for the service, for them there is another way of anonymous surfing. Making technical changes in the browser can do the trick for them in order to get access and surf anonymously on the internet. This is the most obvious trick that most users will be interested in. Well resetting the internet browser will be very effective in this case. This will make your browser behave as an anonymous proxy which will definitely help you browse the internet without leaving a single hint of your information.

Have you heard of Tor? Well, it is a free to use software available in the internet and is based for users who want to browse the internet anonymously. Why not give it a try? Download and try out this freeware.

It is costless software that eliminates the hazards of traffic analysis. This software can be referred to as the ultimate solution of browsing the internet with full privacy.

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