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Today, internet is a compulsory tool in our lives. You can’t point a single who doesn’t have the interest to browse the internet. According to survey, it has been found that there are more than 2.5 billion people over the internet. With the increase of internet users, there have also been an increase of potential threats that is causing harm to many lives. Internet security has been a grave issue over the last few years. So many people have claimed to have got harmed by hackers who track user information for credit card numbers and other essential details. So, to prevent this information being watched over by third parties or malwares, you need some special security. some special settings in your web browser or rather you can change your browser in that case. Security always comes first. Let’s start this discussion.

You must heard about Google Chrome, a great product of Google. You may have used this browser previously or maybe you are currently using it. This is a great browser manufactured by Google that is competing with the other popular browsers such as Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. There is an option in Google Chrome that helps you to browse the internet anonymously. So, if you are really keen in using the internet anonymously, then you can go for the anonymous browsing feature of Google Chrome. First, you have to look out for the toolbar icon. The toolbar button is available at the top right section of the browser. On clicking that button, you will find an option known as New Incognito Window or you can also open it by pressing the shortcut key which is Ctrl+Shift+N. A new Google Chrome window will open for you. This window provides you with the facility of anonymous browsing. Whatever pages you have visited won’t be logged by Chrome. This feature doesn’t store browser history at all. This is a good quality of the browser that it has provided. It also doesn’t store any cookie that most browsers do. Today almost all the websites are provided with cookies and they get downloaded when you visit a particular website. Cookies also provide a great deal of information about the sites that you have visited. So, this is a great quality of this browser which conceals your identity. By chance these cookies remain, then you can imagine what can happen?

Another great feature of Google Chrome which makes it different from the other browsers, and they are always alerts you of secret third parties or some people who may be watching you from the back and you aren’t aware of. But there is a little drawback of this Google product. Though it serves the user with anonymous browsing, but you are still watched and noticed by your internet service provider. Do you know, why? Because you are still using an IP address, with the help of which you can be easily traced.


So, in order to avoid this anonymous browsing you have to opt for the best way.

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