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The world of technology is developing very fast giving various kinds of advantages to the users, business persons etc. The entry of the smart phones in the technology world has been a boom. Today, every user has the desire to have a smart phone or an android phone accompanying with them which we all know is equipped with a lot facilities and features. This advancement goes hand-in-hand with another technology in the world of internet communication which is the preference of VPN connection over Wide Area Network.

Some of the Android users have already faced problems in accessing the internet when they are travelling abroad. The reason is that many companies have reinforced laws that limit the usage of internet. Many of us don’t even know, that there are many restrictions to a lot of websites that the Government of various countries have put forward. The Government of the various countries have declared that these restrictions are for the decency of a nation. But, what will happen to the Android users? They are also been affected by this same law.There are several countries who have put a ban to a variety of websites, one of them is China.

Their high restrictions are really affecting their citizens. China is maintaining great restrictions on the internet zone. If you are in China, then you may face trouble accessing your desired sites which may be of UK or US origin. You can only get access to the Chinese websites, but not outside that. Again, when you are outside China, you may be exempted from the Chinese websites. An Android user may be thinking, what is the solution to this problem? The solution is plain and simple.The Android user will have to set a VPN connection for the Android phone. Oh Yes! It is possible.

It is claimed to the most reliable service which is always to provide you with the best browsing experience, if you are an Android user. Let me tell you one more thing, the  VPN(Virtual Private Network)allows an Android user to get all the access to the restricted websites.

That means, the websites which are not opening due to regional restrictions will open easily for the Android users. The trick lies here. VPN builds an encrypted tunnel which in turn performs a process known as Data Encapsulation. In this process the IP address of your Android phone will be substituted by another IP address by the VPN server which doesn’t make that user region specific. The user can be from any part of the globe. An example of this will make this thing clear. Suppose a Japanese citizen who is travelling to UK. That person’s internet location will appear as Japan when trying to connect with the VPN server of Japan. That person won’t face any problem in accessing the Japanese sites which UK may have restricted.

So, you see, what a technology this is? Seems like getting heaven to the Android users who loves freedom when browsing the internet.

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