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A Virtual Private Network is the latest buzz in the technology world.  Day by day we are seeing how the technology geeks are expanding the boundaries of the internet world and so as a result we see how as a result VPN has occupied a pride of position in this very confusing internet world. Virtual Private Network or VPN is a private network but uses the internet which uses a public network (the internet) to connect a varied number of users over a single platform. It is true that in this case the private users can connect to the public network without sacrificing security concerns. The VPN works in a unique way. The user who decides to connect to his office network connects to the internet. Secondly, the user commences a VPN connection with the server of his office and after the connection is set up the user can get access to the network used in his office.  In a normal internet connection every bit of data and information which goes through a computer goes through an Internet Service Provider first and then into the internet and then to its end destination. At every turn your data is being recorded and is exposed to inquisitive eyes. To avoid this, with the VPN technology the data from your computer travels in an encrypted form, passes through the Internet Service Provider and then onto the VPN server. On reaching the VPN server the encrypted code is decrypted and then passes onto the final destination to the end receiver.


By sending data through the VPN server your data will remain safe and secure and will be protected from blocking, tracking or hacking from the intruders. Moreover, your data will pretend to use the IP address of the VPN server and not your real IP address.  Thus you can maintain anonymity when working at your laptop or desktop connected to a VPN server.


There are also a few limitations of using a Virtual Private Network. In some countries it is illegal to use a personal VPN. A Virtual Private Network will help to secure your information while being transferred but the information and data in your computer is not safe while in storage in your computer.  In truth a well designed VPN or Virtual Private Network is of great use to the company. The connectivity can be extended to a greater level and over larger geographical boundaries. Moreover, in the case of VPN the return on investment (ROI) is higher compared to WAN. There is also the case of increased productivity because the business houses using the VPN technology the employees can work from anywhere in the country.  There are two types of Virtual Private Network. They are Remote Access VPN and Site to Site VPN. The Remote Access VPN is that which also known as virtual private is a connection between the user and the LAN. The benefit of this kind of connection is that the employees can connect to the company’s private network from various remote locations.   A site-to-site VPN is that in which a company can connect fixed sites over the internet. Site-to-site VPN can be of two types, the Intranet based and the Extranet based VPN.

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