A Comperative Study Between Internet Proxy And VPN


Both internet proxy servers and VPN are used to secure your identity as well as used to hidden you IP from the unwanted outsiders. Mainly the purpose of the two is same.

So, here the question arise that which is good to use to secure your internet browsing. Although both of the two is performing the same task the actual process involved with them are very different.


A proxy server is mainly a computer which acts like a medium between the internet and your computer. If you cannot open a website which you want to open or cannot listen to your favorite song or there is a problem to access a file over internet, all you have to do is switching over to a proxy location which helps you to solve all the problems you are facing. Enter your site which you want to visit to the proxy server and you can enjoy which you want to do with a security assurance.


1. Proxy server is cheap and often free.

2. If you searching for some basic things it is good.

3. It plays a good role when it comes to geographic restriction.


1. It is only useful for website accessing.

2. One can detect your true IP address if he use flash or JavaScript.

3. If you are using proxy server each web browser have to be configured individually.


VPN is very useful to secure the internet browsing. It prevents traffics when you are in a network. It hides your IP address from the outsiders. It secures the information which you are sharing through internet and prevents the leak of data travelling form source to destination server.VPN creates a tunnel between your computer and the host server.


1. Internet activity cannot be accessible by the outsiders of your online network.

2. The level encryption of is very high.

3. Once the VPN set up to your device all the internet activities will be masked.

4. It is far better than proxy server regarding the speed.

5. It can be used in computers as well as any mobile devices.


1. VPN is more expensive comparing to internet proxies.

2. When the pick time is going on internet VPN can be a bit slow.

3. If you want to use VPN service you have to install the software which a bit complicated for those who do not much a computer savvy.


From the above discussions it is clear that VPN is superior over proxies in every possible ways. VPN provides a very high internet security and keep you anonymous and protects your entire description you shared through online. From above discussion the only reason to choosing a proxy server is that its price is low than the VPN.

Finally we can say that in the whole world nothing is safe and secure even if you pay a good amount to buy something. So, when you are buying be very careful about the security issues.

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